by Horizon Adventures

Offroad Guided Motorcycle Tours


1 up to 5

days of riding


100 Km

up to 1000 Km


Bike Rental

is possible


Horizon Adventures provides Loop Tours and Expedition Tours.
The Loop Tours from 1 up to 3 days riding. These tours leave from Évora and finish in Évora each day. This tour goes perfectly in a Large Weekend Tour, a mini-holiday to decompress. The Expedition Tours with 4 or 5 riding days leave from Évora and finish in Évora after 4 or 5 days riding. Starting and ending in the beautiful World Heritage city of Évora. Non-bikers also possible in our support vehicle. Bring your family. We may manage a program that allows everybody to join in the end of the day and at lunch time.

  • From 100 km up to 1000 km of all kinds of trails through forest, single track, technical and fast flat lanes
  • The beauty of the Alentejo as you have never seen it
  • Wonderful meals of traditional Portuguese Cuisine
  • Friendly, welcoming people
  • Unforgettable memories
  • The wide planes of Alentejo
  • GPS Navigation


Arrival to Lisbon Airport. A transfer can be arranged to reduce costs.
Avenida Túlio Espanca, Évora Get directions